SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one part of a wider digital marketing strategy. We can integrate excellent SEO as part of creating a new WordPress site for you. Alternatively, if you already have WordPress site we can review your existing SEO and recommend an action plan to boost your rankings and performance. WordPress is so SEO Friendly, there is much you can easily achieve just be putting a page together. That is just a small fraction of the work involved though! Remember, change is a constant. You’ve got to be constantly working on your digital marketing. There is no resting.

In the ever changing world of search engine optimisation what has worked well may suddenly not work anymore! The algorithms change, without any update about the changes. The consequence of such a change will be that your page ranking on Google will fall away.

Staying on top of your SEO is crucial, if you take your attention away, your competitors will notice and take over your ranking. can handle this for you. We will carry out a full audit of your current strategy and your competitors strategy.

What is SEO?

There are so many different activities involved in creating excellent organic search engine results. Take a look at the image above, are you sure you are working well across all the different aspects? If not, you’re competitors will know this and will capitalise on this.

We have a fantastic method for finding those keywords that will make your SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) search engine rankings soar. Wouldn’t you like to know what your nearest competitor is doing to outrank you? We can show you.

SEO is only part of a wider digital marketing strategy, including your social media marketing. Each component impacts the others. Doing SEO alone will not achieve the results you’re looking for.

Go Paperless!

Isn’t it time to say goodbye to paper? There are so many opportunities to save time and money by switching to paperless processes. Digitial processing is now quickly becoming the norm for business. You can have your information wherever you want whenever you want it. We can collaborate with you to create this transformation.

Let’s Go Paperless and get those documents under control. We can scan, shred, store and dispose of your business documentation for you. Integrating your systems and process will save you time, money and space. WordPress and Woocommerce are perfect partners for linking your accounting systems.

Cloud based document management systems make it possible to link your devices and systems to create a seamless workflow. Utilise the cloud and Go Paperless! With the arrival of new challenger banks such as Starling & Tide we now have the ability to create direct links between WordPress, Accounting and Banking systems!

Significant rewards are there for the taking by integrating your business using cloud based systems for your banking, accounting and payroll. The move to go paperless with a comprehensive document management strategy will impact all aspects of your business. Collaborating with ensures you will have a dedicated support resource available to you.

Our Services

We collaborate with our clients to transform the way their business operates. We can take whatever level of involvement our client wishes. This may be a small intervention such as a system change and a training programme to embed the change or it may be taking over the administration, accounting, processing, document management and running this as an outsourced service.

We create and develop WordPress websites for your business. We can re-vamp your existing WordPress.

Along with a new or re-vamped website you need to consider how the wider world interacts with your business. WordPress offers fantastic, user-friendly SEO. Integrating this with a broader digital marketing strategy will result in your business growing leads, conversions and revenue.

A background in Management Accounting and a lifetime in business results in knowing the type of information that drives business decision making. We will integrate your acocunting system with your WordPress site. Your orders and invoices will flow automatically into your back office systems. No duplication, no extra work.

Let’s get real…paper really does not have a place in modern business. Let us manage your paper. Document Management services include, scanning, archiving & retrieval, shredding, storage. Utilising the cloud, reduce your carbon footprint and increase your profits.


For 25 years I have been a consultant to businesses and organisations of all sizes across all sectors all over the Uk. I have seen most scenarios you can possiblly perceive in management and leadership.

I have a deep understanding of organisations from an operational perspective and also a people perspective.

We are existing in an environment created by three major issues: Brexit, Climate Change & Covid-19.

This potent combination has forced business to change. How you choose to change is still your choice…survival is optional! Change you will though.

I have setup WindermereWebWorks to collaborate with businesses that are determined to be radical and create a new way of working. We want the web and the cloud to be integrated into everything we do. This will result in the ‘back office’ being a thing of the past, there will be no duplication of work or effort. There will be no mountains of paper on desks or filing cabinets stuffed full of old documents that no-one looks at.

Customers will interact with the business via their WordPress site, orders placed will be fulfilled, despatched and invoices emailed. Invoices and payments will be instantly integrated into the accounting system…no need for paper or someone to enter everything up.

We want offices to be a paper free environment, paper really has no place in the new normal. We’ve been talking about the paperless office for the best part of 40 years, now is the perfect opportunity to be paperless.

Do you want to be involved in our journey? Get in touch.

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    All our Web Design & Development services are based around the superb Content Management System, WordPress. We can either design and develop a brand new WordPress site for you or revamp your existing WordPress installation. When we partner with you we want to make the web work for you and at the same time achieve our two major drivers of increasing your profitability at the same time as reducing your carbon footprint.  We will want to listen to understand how you foresee your WordPress and your other operational processes integrating.  Understanding this at the outset is crucial for us

    To sell online via an online store you will need an e-commerce plug-in. Our preference is woocommerce, WordPress’ very own shopping cart. We can work with whichever cart you wish to use and the one that gives the integration options you desire. typically, this woocommerce.

    You may wish to extend your online store into other marketplaces. Etsy & Ebay are two such marketplaces that we can integrate with your store. Have Instagram…want to sell directly via Instagram? This is possible.

    We can take care of all your background tasks connected with your WordPress site. Our hosting packages are designed with security in mind. We can transfer your site and domain, we will ensure regular backup, regular updates take place. Our WordPress maintenance plans are the perfect way to have confidence that your site is looked after and always available to your customers.

    The number of websites based on WordPress across the whole of the world wide web exceeds 455,000,000 (approx 35% of the internet)! This is an astonishing stat. Being an open source software platform, WordPress is free to use, easy to install and designed to be customised.

    Why I recommend WordPress

    My partner and I bought a business that had an existing wordpress and woocommerce site. The previous owner told us that the original developer had left the area and was no longer contactable. There we were, a new business with a woocommerce online shop and no support! Fortunately, my background in Management Accounting and Software sales kicked in and I learnt WordPress.

    One of the ways I learnt so quickly was to build a new site for one of my other businesses. I setup a fresh WordPress & Woocommerce installation. Added the pages, created an online store, setup the payment systems and launched. SEO was the next step, Yoast SEO (a wordpress plugin) was a massive boost. With WordPress this is straight-forward. Once sorted, the orders started flowing in. Having created a new site from scratch, the confidence was there to fix the site that came with the new business and fix it we did!

    WindermereWebWorks is the result of the last three or four years of learning how to fix and create sites. The biggest learns come when I have broken a site, the feeling when I get it back up and running is great. What I understand now is that it really is impossible to ‘break’ a site like this.

    Whatever your project give us a call or drop us an email and let’s chat about how we can help increase your profits and reduce your carbon footprint.