Waste…horrible isn’t it? What do you consider to be waste? It’s not just the stuff that the council collects every week, or the stuff you take to the tip every so often after a clear out of your garage  or loft.

In business waste is hidden everywhere. Administration is largely all waste. Accounting is extremely wasteful as is inventory management.

Business is now being forced to change. The potent combination of Brexit, Climate and Covid-19 has created a scenario where business must change. How you change is up to you but change you must…survival is optional! We want to collaborate with business to radically overhaul and transform their business.

Now is the perfect opportunity to radically overhaul your processes. Integrate your back office functions, go paperless in your business, eliminate duplication.

WindermereWebWorks want to partner with businesses that seek maximum profits whilst reducing their carbon footprint to as close to zero as possible.

We want to make the web and cloud work for your business.

WordPress Development

WordPress websites dominate the world wide web and there is a simple reason for this. Its a simple platform that produces a fantastic result. Easy to learn, intuitive and customisable beyond belief.

With hundreds of thousands of Themes and Plug-ins available your business can achieve an effective online identify and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. We will train you to take over the maintenance of your WordPress site if that is how you want to develop.

We want to understand from you how you want your business to be represented online. How do you want your business to be integrated using WordPress and all the available plug-ins that will replicate and automate your business processes.

Your WordPress site will become the centre piece of your business and all your teams will integrate with it.

SEO & Digital Marketing

A massive benefit of a WordPress website is the fantastic SEO that is effectively built into the website.

However, a great website is not that great if the wider market cannot see it. Whilst your ‘on-page SEO’ might be fantastic if you’re ‘off-page SEO’ is lacking you will not achieve excellent rankings.

We can work with you to ensure your website not only performs well but your wider audience is totally engaged with your business.

Perhaps, you already have a wordpress website and it is not performing as you would like it. We can partner with you to conduct a review and then with your agreement implement a strategy to transform both your site and the digital marketing strategy.

Paperless Office

Creating a paperless office environment for our clients helps us achieve both of our key business drivers: profitability and low carbon emissions.

Every piece of paper can be stored in the cloud and accessed on any device you wish. Receipts can be scanned and instantly entered and analysed into your accounting systems.

Just imagine the feeling of relief knowing that you no longer have to go hunting for that important document that you know you put in a safe place, so safe you can no longer find it! Just a few swipes on your phone, tablet or desktop and it is there in front of you.

We can set-up your cloud storage, scan your documents, set up your online filing system, link your accounting systems. We can even manage you old paper documents until you can get rid of them.

Integrated Accounts

Twenty years ago, around the time of the Millennium I had the idea of linking newly developed websites with Sage accounting systems. Being a Sage Solution Centre at that time this was possible, but required a large amount of custom software development.

Nowadays this is an easy task, most accounting systems will offer the ability to link directly with your website (especially a WordPress site). Watch as a customer places an order, pays for it and then see the transaction instantly in your accounting system, already cleared and reconciled in your bank account. No additional work required.

If you’re goal is more orders and revenue from your new website and digital marketing strategy, why increase your costs to record all the new transactions?